Okay, let’s get this out of the way, I’m a Marvel girl and I wear my badge with pride. Give me The Avengers over the Justice League any day. Give me The X-Men over The Watchmen; Quicksilver over The Flash; Apocalypse over Darkseid, and I’ll be one happy, nerdy chick. Granted, Chris Evans was a gigantic douche in the ‘Fantastic Four’ movies, but hell, he redeemed himself when he managed to somehow get cast as Captain America. And let’s just brush ‘Daredevil’ under the rug because Ben Affleck is DC’s problem now. But there’s no doubt that when Adam Warlock pops up and announces himself as Star-Lord’s father I’ll still be happy, even though we all know that his dad was actually a prince of the Spartoi Empire because, well, it’s Marvel, and Marvel rocks!

It’s not that I dislike DC, their movies or their superheroes – Batman is undeniably cool, for instance, and he has that frickin’ awesome car – it’s just that I don’t feel any particular affection for them. And this is understandable because originally DC’s characters were created as role models to be looked up to and admired, but unless you came from another planet, were born an Amazonian warrior princess, or had millions and millions of inherited dollars and a butler, you were never going to be able to relate to them.

Marvel saw this, and in response they created relatable characters. True, you’re more likely to die a hideous, degenerative death from being bitten by a radioactive spider than you are to gain amazing spidey-powers, but even so, it feels like there might just be the chance that it could happen. And Peter Parker came with all the baggage and back-story us regular folk have; school, work and money worries, and trouble getting laid because he was such an enormous geek. Tony Stark had millions and millions of dollars just like Bruce Wayne, but at least he had a frickin’ job, and a drinking problem for that matter. Who hasn’t been so angry that they could quite easily have turned into the Hulk? Even the human evolution into mutants feels like something that could actually happen one day. As a wee Vikingette I had a recurring dream for years that I could walk through walls, so technically I may already be Kitty Pryde. Just call me Shadowcat.

Now, before you tell me that’s this is all a bunch of hoo-hah and that DC obviously have the better characters, please bear in mind that this is just my humble opinion. You may feel entirely differently of course, but to me it’s these little details that make the Marvel characters feel much warmer, more familiar and, dare I say it, a lot more likeable.

Anyway, the other day while the men were launching a raid on the neighbouring port, I decided to go to our village’s IMAX hut for a bit of entertainment, because ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ was playing. I donned my 3-D glasses far too early and settled into my seat with a tankard of diet mead, just in time to be treated to back-to-back trailers for the new ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’ and ‘Deadpool’ movies. I squeaked a little bit, but I have to say that it was ‘Deadpool’ that got me the most excited.

Although a first appearance in just 1991 makes Deadpool a relatively new character by comic book movie standards, he’s definitely one of the most entertaining and quirky. We saw him briefly in ‘X-Men Origins: Wolverine’ with his mouth inexplicably sewn shut, but this movie promises to give us the whole insane, ridiculous, funny, anti-heroic, Merc with a Mouth experience.

And it’s the traits that Deadpool is most famous for in his comic books that could turn out to be what makes this movie so special. For a start, he’s the king of breaking the fourth wall, meaning that he’s aware he’s a comic strip character and will often make jokes directly to the artist, writer or reader, usually to the confusion of the other characters around him. Then, there’s the fact that he’s a complete and utter motormouth. The dude can talk, and he’s genuinely funny with it.


Another bonus is that Ryan Reynolds, who will be playing Wade Wilson/Deadpool, is a huge fan of the character, and this really comes across in his performance. The trailers showcase just how well he fits into the role, and he makes the trademark quirks, insanity and humour of Deadpool seem completely effortless and natural. He’s also been actively broadcasting his passion for the movie on social media as he tours around with the promotion team, and you’ve got to love an actor who’s clearly not just in it for the paycheck.

However, if ‘Deadpool’ can be classified as the surprisingly exciting entrée, ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn… oh hell, I’m tired of typing that whole title already, so let’s just call it ‘B.S.’ from now on –  ‘B.S.’ looks a lot like it’s going to be the disappointing dessert that you were really too full for in the first place.

The trailer is the usual action-packed, overly-dramatic montage that we’ve come to expect from all our superhero movie trailers, but with added darkness, despair and the hopelessness of two role models being super-pissed at each other. And this instalment has Ben Affleck in the Batman role, an actor whose default expression is described by comedian Bill Bailey as looking like “a bloke who’s just realised he may have left the back door open.”


I’m sure you can tell that I’m really not that enthused about the prospect of Batfleck. And by the Gods, if this ‘B.S.’ movie shits out yet another scene of Bruce Wayne’s parents being unceremoniously bumped off I’ll probably scream, because I can think of three Batman movies just off the top of my head which have included it. Do DC sit down each time they’re planning a new film and say ‘Well, we’d better show the old mum-and-dad-squish-squash again because, hey, our fans are just so darned forgetful when it comes to Batman’s motivation’? WE REMEMBER, DC! And if you’re reasoning it’s because pre-teens won’t know about this fact, well, we have these things now called Blu-Ray and Netflix and the internet, so this movie will be a first introduction to Batman for literally no-one. Believe me.

Having said that, Batman does have a huge following and I reckon this movie will definitely deliver to those die-hard Bat-fans. It’ll be exactly what they’re expecting, that’s for sure and, even though I’m having a bit of a rant at it here, the odds are that I’ll go and see it anyway because who would want to miss the spectacle of two iconic superheroes pounding on each other in Gotham City? Or, wait, is that Metropolis? Or could it be another fictional version of New York? Who knows?

So in conclusion, if you want to see a serious action movie that’s completely up its own arse and has lashings of superhero fisticuffs, you’ll probably be better off with ‘B.S.’

However, if you want to see a comedy action movie that doesn’t take itself too seriously and has plenty of superhero shenanigans, then ‘Deadpool’ is the one for you, and most definitely the one for me.

Now, what did everyone think of ‘Star Wars: the Force Awakens’?



‘Deadpool’ is out on 10th February 2016 on 20th Century Fox/Marvel release, rated TBC but probably 15 or 18.
‘Batman v Superman; Dawn of Justice’ is out on 25th March 2016 on Warner Bros. Pictures/DC Comics release, rated 12A.
 Deadpool image via reddit.com / Batman image via comicbook.com