Well, I think I know, and maybe the featured pic might have given it away…

First up, I’m a huge fan of horror, be that books, films, TV, whatever, but I have to say the recent avalanche of first person, cheap Blair Witch/ Paranormal Activity rip offs have long since left the building as far as I’m concerned. I love horror, but it has to mean something. It can’t just be a group of teenagers running screaming from a one-dimensional figure in a mask. That may have been scary in the 80s, but now it’s predictable and dull.

Horror, good horror, needs a story. It needs to draw me in before I’ll hand over my disbelief and dive in. I tried to watch the Wolf Creek series the other day, but there it was again. Gratuitous violence with no depth. I didn’t get past the first episode. The Walking Dead on the other hand, wonderful. Both the comics and the TV series build on character development to the point where I really care for these people. The final moments of the last series was intense. Ok. I’ve read the comics so knew it was coming but still, it was brutal.

But my best villain isn’t in The Walking Dead.

There have been some pretty bad-ass villains in Game of Thrones but most of those were just sick feckers so I won’t include them either. Freddy Kruger? Jason Vorhees? Michael Myers? Nope. There’s still one that stands out.

What does a villain need?

  • To be mysterious.
  • To be believable.
  • To have more than one dimension to their character.
  • To be human.
  • To be a monster.
  • To be terrifying.

Do you know where I’m going?


So my vote for the best baddy ever goes to….

Hannibal Lecter.

The James Bond of villains.

Well dressed. A professional, interested in the mind. Believable. Has great taste in food and wine (although I’m not sure I’d want to eat his Ribeye steak..). Appreciates fine and elegant music and art, but he sees an artless world filled with people who are a waste of good air. He turns them into works of art. He is detached. He is terrifying, and yet utterly absorbing as a character and as a villain.

A close second for me would have been Dexter for similar reasons.


Who do you think is the world’s greatest fictional villain, and why?