Some time ago I wrote an article wondering if the new World of Warcraft expansion, Legion, would tempt me back. I wondered if I’d actually had enough of the WOW grind.

Well, I can report that I’m back, and loving it!

The pre-expansion patch dropped last week and I’ve been playing more WOW than in the past year right now. I’m a PVPer at heart, and the changes they have made to PVP and Battleground encounters are fantastic. PVP used to be all about collecting Honor Points to buy better gear which made you stronger in battle grounds, that helped you win, to get more Honor points, to buy better gear etc etc etc. If you came to PVP late you were one-shotted and often shouted at in the in-game chat, people moaning about your gear, and blaming you for the obvious approaching LOSE!

But you had to play to get the gear…

It became dull. Really dull.

What have they done to improve things? Well, there are now no Honor Points to collect, and no PVP gear to buy either. Upon entering the Battleground everyone’s gear and points are levelled out. A battle is now exactly that, a battle. As a cloth-wearing Warlock I stood alone in peril protecting a flag in Arathi Basin, just waiting to be sapped and one-shotted BY A FECKING ROGUE! Now no such trouble. The fight is balanced and in truth I FEAR NO ONE! If your team wins the battleground you get a chest that contains gear that can be used anywhere, in PVE or PVP. Why did it take Blizzard this long to finally make these changes?? Some people might not like it. It’s harder to get overpowered, if at all. Now it’s down to skill and game play, not just stats on virtual gear.

Awesome the first.

The pre-expansion patch has also brought the new Hero Class of Demon Hunter, and like the previous Hero Class, the Death Knight, they have their own pre-story to work through to learn the class. Then there are the current Demon Invasions. Constant phased battles that pop up all across Azeroth. I had a blast battling the invasion in Taran Mill.

The actual expansion lands at the end of the month, but already I’m so excited for it. Class Halls, Artefact Weapons, a deeper end game, absorbing story. It has to be Blizzard’s biggest and best expansion. Let’s face it, they needed it after Warlords and those incredibly dull Garrisons…

And Dalaran is back!


Mugwort, the Undead Warlock, is ready.