LokiLover of darkness and all things mischievous, Loki has spent the better part of his life writing in some capacity or other. Normally found residing in his library or necking Jack Daniels in a rock club, the well-dressed hedonist has been plumbing the depths of geekdom while dropping ice cubes down the neck of popular culture.

Raised in a small town that did not match his ambitions, Loki has held down a number of careers in his time until discovering IT to be a field in which he could tinker with computers and make things go bang (although the latter is frowned on within the profession). He has written screenplays, been a drag queen, lived with a retired gangster, provided lighting for an adult movie and has died countless times on screen, once including an unexpected beheading.

Loki has an extensive knowledge of films and sci-fi and can sing you the entire album of Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Once More With Feeling if you asked him. He’s a devoted Marvel fan, loves Doctor Who, Star Wars and anything Transformers related where he can still see what’s taking place on the screen. He loves a good villain and lists his screen heroes as Jareth, Darkness and The Mask. He has no tolerance for small minds, is pretty much unshockable and is naturally attracted to all things deviant and dark. His favourite word is ‘crevice’ because it sounds filthy.


BillieWhen not cooking the porridge or tending to the goats, Ragnhild can usually be found by the hearth watching Doctor Who, or twatting about on the PS3. Yes, she said PS3, because the PS4 not having a media server was an outright disgrace.

Growing up in a small village surrounded by countryside, she was a shy, quiet individual with a passion for campfire tales of mystery, terror, ghosts, shape-changers and cryptids, a passion which has never left her. She went to work at an airport for 20-odd years which turned her from shy and quiet to rather gobby, and she’s spent the last four years as a tech manager working from home, where she can be gobby but nobody knows about it.

Ragnhild’s fortes are sci-fi, comic book movies and open-world gaming, but she’ll throw her oar in on just about anything. She’s written a murder-mystery novel, plays the musical saw, is into nature photography, paints charms for the folk in her village, and can pilot the Shuttle Orbiter should that need ever arise. She’s also an avid fan of Doctor Who and has had tea and cake with Davros.

Her favourite movies are ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ and ‘The Losers’; her favourite drink is mead (like any good Viking worth their salt); her other favourite TV show is ‘Mystery Science Theater 3000’, and her favourite word is ‘Elixir’.


IgorIgor became a Viking after watching The Vikings as a child. The oar running looked fun, and there was lots of drinking, which is always a good thing. After seeing Tony Curtis finally vanquish his brother Kirk Douglas he vowed vengeance but got distracted by girls, comics, and heavy metal music.

He is living proof that Tipper Gore was right to campaign for those little ‘parental advisory’ stickers on heavy metal CDs as during his teens he discovered the world of magic and the occult and consumed the books by Uncle Aleister (Crowley), Enochian magic, and the teachings of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. People tell him he’s still quite a nice bloke so it doesn’t seem to have done him any harm. Although he does enjoy a good goat curry.

He fell in love with horror films when the old horror double-bills were shown on the TV on a Saturday night. He loves the classics and thinks the old black and white version of The Haunting is still one of the best in the genre. Now he loves any horror film with a good story – I know it’s not fashionable, but it seems to be important.

A huge fan of Vertigo publishing he is often seen staring into his iPad screen reading the latest release on Comixology. Who would win in a fight between Batman and The Sandman? Well Bruce, just don’t go to sleep…

His favourite movies are Excalibur, The Wicker Man, and the Godfather Trilogy (well the first two at least…), his favourite author is Stephen King, he prefers the company of dogs to most humans, and his favourite whisky is Talisker.




Hailing from the Saxon stronghold of Haesta’s folk, Svein Bloodaxe spent many years on the High Seas a-viking before settling on the Southern shores. Having sustained a rather nasty injury (don’t ask him about the epithet, Bloodaxe, unless he has quaffed a few!), he settled down to a quiet life in Software Engineering.

PC Gaming has always been a fond love. From plying his trade, and a wee bit of piracy, in the space lanes of Elite on the BBC Microcomputer to the Neverwinter MMORPG on a PC, from Sonic the Hedgehog on the Sega Megadrive to the Total War series gaming has always been an essential relaxation (or strategic training depending on your viewpoint).

He also makes digital 3D art, throws knives, plays Djembe and Guitar (badly), and has been known to occasionally dance maniacally under a moonlit sky. His favourite book is “The Lord of the Rings”, favourite film is “2001: A Space Odyssey” and favourite cheese is Stilton.