I’ll explain.

My first iPhone was the 3G. It broke the mould of the phone, but had a shit camera, didn’t have media texting, no cut and paste, 16GB of memory, the App store was very young, and the apps constantly crashed. But I loved it. I could see the potential. My next was the iPhone 4, then the 5, then the 6, upgrading every couple of years as the new models came out. I missed all of the ‘S’ models. The iPhone 4 was the first with a retina display but that glass back was crazy. I loved the 5 being a little taller. Then the 6 was the best model yet and my first with Touch ID. Each one had great new features, and they were all useful. Then last September I got the new iphone 7. I wanted the Plus model but I was impatient and didn’t want to wait the extra couple of months until the demand died down. Silly Sod.

Me and a buddy of mine have had a long-running tradition of dissing each other’s phones. I diss his Android, he responds, and off we go. It’s very light hearted and fun, nothing serious, and has been going on for years. Well, a couple of months ago we met up. We pulled out our phones. He said, “This HTC is the worse phone I’ve ever had”. I pulled out my iPhone 7, and said the same. It really was. Terrible battery life, and although I loved the 3D touch feature I now had no 3mm headphone jack, and it just felt like a filler design, being so similar to the 6 and 6S. No new innovations to speak of. I wished I’d stuck with the 6. I had severe buyer’s remorse.

Then a couple of weeks ago other friends came to visit us. They had both been pretty devout Apple fans, but both said they were bored with the iPhone and were thinking of changing to Android. That the new phones from Apple weren’t innovative anymore.

Here’s the rub. None of them are. I really think we are at the end of the phone revolution. But I have to also eat some humble pie. About a month ago I saw that o2 were doing a good deal on their ‘refresh’ program, so although my 7 was only 6 months old, I sold it back to them, and got an iPhone 7 Plus – the phone I should have got 6 months ago.

It is the best phone I have ever owned. It’s lightning fast, has the most incredible battery life, an amazing camera, 256gb of memory, and a wonderful screen. Everything about it is awesome. Apple have done it. They have made the perfect phone. I think there must have been something wrong with the iPhone 7 I had. Sometimes the production just goes wrong.

The Samsung Galaxy 8 has just come out. It’s also a great phone. And the first generation of Google’s Pixel suggests that, if they don’t change their minds and drop the product, the next update will also be a great phone. They all do pretty much the same things, look pretty much the same, and have similar features. Neither Apple nor Android are going to be making huge innovations anymore. We have arrived. The Great Phone Race has finished. I’m hearing the rumours of the new iPhone 8 and I’m feeling very Meh for the first time ever. 3D facial recognition? I have a finger print that works very well thanks. Full size OLED display? So what? All of the rumours feel that Apple are trying to make something out of nothing. I look at this amazing iPhone 7 Plus and know that it’s going to be with me for years. It is my camera, my link to social networks, my portable TV, my podcast machine, my jukebox, oh, and my phone.

No, Apple won’t be innovative with the new iPhone, but then neither will anyone else.

Time for the Next Big Thing Tim!