Nerdic Vikings Podcast Episode 2

Nerdic Vikings Podcast Episode 2

The latest episode of the Nerdic Vikings podcast hit RSS and iTunes feeds yesterday. We had a great time recording it and hope you enjoy listening! Pour yourself a lovely cuppa, switch off, and have a good laugh with us as we explore all things Nerdic!

If you have a favourite podcatcher, you can find us by searching Nerdic Vikings. For our iTunes and RSS feed links, check out the podcast page here.


Shownotes for the Nerdic Vikings Podcast Episode 2

News – Justice League Trailer – Mondasian Cybermen – Deadpool Short – Iron Fist on Netflix.

Can’t we just talk about this? – James Bond – Why do people like horror movies?

Who will meet The Bloody Eagles this month?

Plunder Time – recommendations of the month.

Agony – The Vikes help with everyday advice on life.


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