So it’s official – Apple will be holding a press event this coming Monday. Invites have been received and they are ready to go. Originally it was speculated that the event would take place on the 18th March but, maybe because of Apple’s continuing FBI encounter, the actual date was a few days on.

So. What do we think will be happening? The rumour mill has been churning for a number of weeks and it looks like the following:

iPhone SE – On Monday Apple will be unveiling the new iPhone SE. Some say the SE stands for ‘Special Edition’, or ‘Small Edition’. Basically they are releasing a smaller iPhone, along the size of the iPhone 5 and 5S, but this one has all of the new guts of the new iPhone 6S range. It will also be offered in a range of colours but unlike the iPhone 5C range from a few years back, these will be coloured aluminium. Nice. Probably very similar to the current iPod range. Lots of people still like the smaller iPhone and this will please them a lot. Also, the launch date makes perfect sense for Apple. Sales always tail off as people wait for the new model to be release in the Autumn, so a new version now will bump those dropping sales numbers quite nicely.

A New iPad Air – It’s been a long time (in tech terms at least) since the iPad Air 2 was released so it’s overdue an upgrade but it looks like we’ll be getting more than just that. A few months ago Apple released the iPad Pro, a larger higher spec iPad. From what we have heard during our plundering the new iPad won’t be called an iPad Air 3, but instead it will be a smaller version of the iPad Pro. So a wizbang chip with the A9X processor, four high quality speakers, more RAM, and for the first time on an iPad, an LED flash and upgraded cameras. I’ve been holding off upgrading for a few years but this new iPad will probably be winging its way to my Long Ship upon release.

Apple Watch bands – no new Apple Watch and that’s not such a surprise. I think it will be at least another 6-8 months or so before Apple Watch 2 is launched. But a few new bands and maybe another special edition might be presented.

New OS launches – The BETA version of iOS, OSX and WatchOS have been firing out to developers and the public for testing over the last few months and I reckon we will see the launch of all three on Monday.

What else? The name of the event is Let us loop you in, and some have suggested that buses will be supplied to take the press to the new Apple campus to finally be shown around the ‘Spaceship’. But, it could be something else. That One More Thing that so many of us Apple Fans have come to know and love. Either way, we will find out on Monday.

We will be live tweeting from the Nerdic Vikings Twitter feed so will be keeping you all updated as things are announced.