It’s happened.

It’s finally happened.

Apple have released a new iPhone, one that has many an Apple fanboy screaming into their screens at 12.02am as the delivery time increases with every passing minute. And I feel nothing.

That’s quite a shock.

Some years ago I was in line at 5.30am at my nearest O2 store for the iPhone 4. It was fun. I then pre-ordered on the day of release the 5, 6, and the 7. Then sold my 7 and got a 7 Plus about 6 months later. That was April this year so I knew I was scuppering myself with the new phone.

I heard the rumours. Saw the schematics as they were leaked. Saw the ‘notch’. Heard about the lovely OLED display. I tuned into the keynote from the Steve Jobs Theatre and watched the presentation of the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, waiting as many of us were for the One More Thing(tm) announcement.

And once more filled up with a big load of meh.

When I saw the price that sold it for me (or rather didn’t). I’m not sure that the executives at Apple live in the same world as the rest of us. I wonder if they are so cash rich that they have no concept of affordability. What with the prices of the latest MacBook Pros and now a phone that costs over £1000, they may well be pricing me out of the Apple market. What they most definitely are doing is helping me make the decision to not upgrade to the new models.

So thanks for that Apple. Thanks for actually saving me money and helping me drop my addiction to new technology.

When the new best thing is a quicker processor, Face ID, an OLED screen, and a different shape (with a ridiculous all glass construction… Did we REALLY not learn with the iPhone 4 and 4S???) I’m just not feeling it.

Is the Apple Reality Distortion Field beginning to break down…?

I think it might well be.