I remember when I first saw the metal band Motley Crue. Their music, image, attitude, was a breath of fresh air to me. A combination of edginess, raw power, and glam. Then along came W.A.S.P. and my world opened even more. I opened my arms to Poison, Ratt, Warrant, Dokken, all great bands full of a lust for life and the promise of a party and a good time. But it seems that any form of art that can make a lot of money runs the risk of being totally embraced by the corporate world. Every label wanted its Motley Crue, its Van Halen, so along came Pretty Boy Floyd and countless other second-rate glam and hair metal bands. The market became flooded. The quality plummeted, and then Grunge fired the final arrow into the heart of Good Time Sunset Strip Rock(tm), and that was that.

The feeling in my gut is that we are now seeing that same phenomenon happening with the world of the Superhero film and TV series. When the first Iron Man movie came out it was a revelation. Here at last was a movie that seemed to bring the Superhero genre into the mainstream. Being a geek was actually becoming cool. Years later and I have thoroughly enjoyed the journey, particularly the one Marvel film studios have taken us through. It’s been amazing, thank you.


I think I’m now being overwhelmed.

The constant flow of Netflix Superhero/SciFi series have been firing at me to the point that I just haven’t been able to keep up. The first series of characters like Luke Cage, and Iron Fist I enjoyed (no, I really did), and the second of Daredevil was good too, but now I’m seeing negative reviews of the new seasons from these shows, and some are even being cancelled. It feels to me that the studios saw a good thing, and then went out of their way to rinse every last dollar they could from it, completely missing the point that sometimes less is more.

Quality of story trumps quantity.

It’s a shame, but I truly think we have just lived through the Golden Age of Superhero visual media, be that film or TV. Even I need a break. It would be a shame to see the ratings of these once great franchises drop, but in an effort to make as much money as possible over as short a period of time as possible, I think the studios are blowing it.

What say ye?