Have you ever been walking over a high bridge, maybe over a big fast-flowing river, and thought “I could throw my keys over the edge here. I could. Really. Just reach into my pocket and wayhay! Over they go, plop.”


I do.

Which is why I was terrified when I heard about the recent date bug in the iPhone.

It’s like this – if you go into settings, date and time, and then set your phone to 1st January 1970 it will literally brick your phone. Useless. A very nice piece of glass and metal but as a phone, no more. So I thought – well, I’m sure it wouldn’t happen to my iPhone. All I’d have to do is get it our of my pocket, open the settings, and…

I didn’t of course.

I mean, why would I ever want to go back to 1970? Edward Heath as Prime Minister, Richard Nixon in the Whitehouse, and Lee Marvin at number one with Wanderin’ Star… That’s hardly selling it to me. Of course I’d have Glam and Punk to look forward to, and I could ride my old Chopper bike, and eat coconut chewing tobacco and sweet cigarettes.

So I look at my trusty iPhone once more. It does so many things, maybe it is a time travelling device too? All I’d have to do is…

But I’ve walked over many bridges, and I still have my keys.

(It does look like Apple have produced a fix for this bug, but still, keep those keys in your pockets, and if a trusty ‘friend’ suggests you do it, well, unfriending on Facebook probably won’t go far enough.)