I have to admit my Undead Warlock and Orc Hunter have been waiting patiently in Azeroth for quite some time. I finished the last World of Warcraft expansion with an almighty “meh”, leaving the pretty weak population of my garrison wondering where their mighty Chieftain had gone. Some of it was good – the artwork and free roaming is always fun, but in truth it was more of the same – find a quest-giver with a question mark over their head, collect a quest to…collect something from somewhere. Go kill things to collect the stuff, bring it back, turn in the quest, get another quest, go away to kill… etc etc.

I think my favourite time in WOW was Wrath of the Lich King. It had a great storyline, brilliant new areas, had depth and took quite some time to complete. Then the end game was pretty good too with some great Herioc Instances. That was followed by Cataclysm, then Mists of Pandaria, and Warlords. None of which have really touched that sweet spot for me.

So now in August we have a ‘new’ expansion to look forward to. Legion. But scratch the surface just a little bit and you’ll see something quite familiar. To me it really looks like Legion is a re-modelled, re-created version of the first expansion Burning Crusade. Now part of me is good with that. I loved some of that journey, but do I really want to do it all over again? I’m sure it will be different, but I can’t help but think that, with this latest set of expansions and direction, Blizzard seems to be running out of ideas.

Well. Come August I’ll probably get Legion and pay for a month to see if it’s any different. But I think that if I simply see more NPCs with question marks telling me to “go shot some stuff and bring stuff back”, just so I can see a painfully slow experience line progress into a repetitive endgame that is all about gear, and more gear, then more gear. This might be my last time in Azeroth.

We shall see.