A Nerdic Vikings D&D Journey

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About fifteen months ago, Igor strode through the front door of the Mead Hall with his hair blowing in the wind and the box set of ‘The Lost Mine of Phandelver’ under his arm. “We should play this!” he said. Loki looked up from his comic book, took his feet off the table and smoothed his beard. “What is it?” he asked, raising his eyebrow inquisitively. “Dungeons & Dragons!” boomed [...]

Characters vs Story: Which is more important?

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I overheard a friendly, drunken debate between Sven and Arnvid in the mead hall the other day. They couldn’t agree on what was more important in a game – Sven said it was the characters, while Arnvid advocated for the story and, while drinks were spilled and the odd playful punch was thrown, it all ended quite amicably, not least because they both passed out across the table. However, it [...]

‘Tis The Season To Be Gaming…

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Having just started playing Watchdogs 2 by spending the last half an hour driving around in an ice-cream truck with the jingles on, I thought it might be a nice idea to ignore the ‘video game violence’ argument, and instead concentrate on all the good ways video games can influence your life and make you a better person. So in the spirit of the season of goodwill, here we go… [...]

Dude, Where’s My Sweet Roll?

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If you’ve read my blog post about Grand Theft Auto, you’ll know that I’m really not one for taking games too seriously, and I think that’s important to the enjoyment of any game. Open-world games make this all the easier because you’re not tied to a linear storyline, so if you want to run around for an afternoon just kicking grannies up the arse for jollies, you can. ‘The Elder [...]

Life Is Strange… some Games are Stranger still! – Guest Viking Post by Svein Bloodaxe

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"Life Is Strange" is an episodic computer game playable on all platforms. It is an exploration, point-and-click, solve the puzzle style adventure game but with a major difference. The choices you make during the game will determine the course of future events. There have been a few games of this type in the past; the most notable being 'Heavy Rain' on the PS3/4. Not having played Heavy Rain I can't [...]

Warcraft Legion – Ok, I was wrong

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Some time ago I wrote an article wondering if the new World of Warcraft expansion, Legion, would tempt me back. I wondered if I'd actually had enough of the WOW grind. Well, I can report that I'm back, and loving it! The pre-expansion patch dropped last week and I've been playing more WOW than in the past year right now. I'm a PVPer at heart, and the changes they have [...]

An Online Life? A Real Life? No there is just Life!

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Add one more article to the melee of words that have already been written about Pokemon Go? Why not. It's become very obvious to me that the separation between an online life, and a real life just isn't there for the generation we are now calling The Millenials. For those of us who grew up with Atari and Commodore consoles, VHS video, and bicycles, we saw the birth of a [...]

Red Dead Replay: Amusement In Armadillo

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There’s no denying that the mid-June news was a bit rough to handle – we’re all feeling let down, overlooked, despondent as glorious predictions were proved false, and in need of a ruddy good laugh. I am, of course, talking about Rockstar’s complete and utter failure to announce an upcoming Red Dead Redemption 2 release (or Red Dead 3 if you want to be pedantic) at the E3 Expo! Come [...]

Do I really give a sh*t about Legion?

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I have to admit my Undead Warlock and Orc Hunter have been waiting patiently in Azeroth for quite some time. I finished the last World of Warcraft expansion with an almighty "meh", leaving the pretty weak population of my garrison wondering where their mighty Chieftain had gone. Some of it was good - the artwork and free roaming is always fun, but in truth it was more of the same [...]

Grand Theft Auto From A Female Perspective

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It’s already been well established that Rockstar’s ‘Grand Theft Auto’ series is clearly aimed at the bloke market, and no, there’s no option to play as a female character during the games themselves. Both of these issues have been covered numerous times before in, often vitriolic, online articles that have generated countless arguments in the process, so let’s only cover this bit briefly. To be honest, as a female gamer [...]