The video below isn’t a new piece of work.

I first saw it back in March 2011 but I was drawn to watch it again today – probably because of my approaching presentation at this weekend’s Occult Conference in Glastonbury.

Alan Moore is a visionary, a Shaman for our modern age. Too many discard the art of the graphic novel as cheap, and possibly childish, entertainment. But every little box on each and every page is a work of art, and holding all of that together is the story. When I am immersed in a great graphic novel (I instantly go to Sandman, Hellblazer, Promethea, V for Vendetta here) I am lost in the kind of magic Alan Moore speaks of here.

So where do I place this post?

In Books/Comics or Wyrd?

I think I’ll put it directly into Books/Comics because placing it anywhere else will just extend the idea that Art is not Magic. It is Wyrd, but the Wyrd has distinct artistic direction.

Enjoy the film!