Today is an exciting day. It will see the release of iOS10, TVOS10 and WatchOS3. Hurrah. I have to say I’m very much looking forward to the improvements coming to iOS and the Apple Watch. I got my Apple Watch well over a year ago and it’s achingly slow to launch any app. WatchOS3 apparently cures this. We shall see. The new software update also includes a ‘Dock’ system. Swipe up and you can flick through your favourite apps. I’m not sure how useful that feature will be. For me it’s all about performance improvements with the Apple Watch. I got mine in June last year, have worn it almost every day and the main use I put it to (apart from being a watch and telling the time of course) is closing those rings. Those pesky rings. You’ve got to love those rings.

iOS10 is a whole different beast though. So many new features that we will almost have to learn to use our phones all over again. I haven’t been part of any Beta program, so when it drops this afternoon it will be as much a surprise to me as anyone. Of course I’ve been keeping up with the changes via the good old internet, but once installed it’s going to be interesting to find my way around. Apple have even changed the way you unlock the iPhone. Rich notifications look fun, as does the new iMessages app.

Last Friday I ordered a new iPhone 7. At the moment I have my trusted iPhone 6 being a bi-annual upgrader. I loved the way 3D Touch worked and the Live Photos looked fun but that wasn’t enough for me to break my contract to get a 6s. So 2 years on and the iPhone 7 should feel like a pretty impressive jump for me. I’m looking forward to playing with those two features, I’m not at all bothered to be losing the 3mm headphone jack – I get why they’ve done that and, being a long-time Apple user (from the old Power PC days), I’ve become used to them taking stuff away. They were the first to lose the floppy disk, the CD/DVD drive, Scuzzy sockets, Flash capabilities on iOS. Each time PC owners and Android fans waved their gadgets at me telling me their stuff still had it/did it/ played it, but I think some years on and those decisions can be seen to have been the right thing to do to force technology to move on. We shall see.

So the new iPhone 7 arrives Friday. I’ll have a few days to play around with iOS10 on my iPhone 6 before the new beastie lands.

For an Apple-fan Vike, this is a Good Week(tm).

Loki said that I should also mention Apple’s tax bill in this post, just to keep things balanced. I feel that’s enough of that kind of talk. Don’t bring me down man.

Oh and why not get Samsung’s ‘Bombgate’ out of the way.

I’ve already bought the popcorn so I can sit back to watch what company-destroying ‘gate’ people find after the iPhone 7 launch…

“The ‘Gates’ are nearly open!”